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Wave Library is a real, non-profit project aimed at building libraries for floating children in China. There are an estimated 292.51 million1 rural migrant workers in China’s cities as delivery motorbike-riders, laborers, doorkeepers and at other jobs that urbanites avoid. The children of this floating population are called floating children. The families, holding a rural Hukou2 and on a tight budget, could only afford low-cost private schools which barely have good education resources, even books. Though some of these schools do receive donations, the lack of teacher and librarian hinders the daily operation of the school library. Here, volunteers from Wave Library take the responsibility by spending one or two days a week, sorting books, helping kids find the good ones and maintaining a rather safe environment to study. And they step even further: conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, reach out to publishing houses and enterprises about possibilities to donate, work with press and media, speak out at forums and conferences and so forth.

Floating children or migrant children. In China’s context the former one may be more proper.
  • 1 Source: National Bureau of Statistics, 2021 (Chinese)

  • 2 Hukou, China’s household registration system, which divides population into two different statuses: agricultural and non-agricultural residency statuses. Yet China provides a wide range of public education, resources in cities, which means only city hukou holders could benefit from, are exceedingly more than schools in rural.

  • I volunteer in public communicating and have been onsite to help open one library in Beijing. It is a project that the public could truly witness and participate in.

    100% of all proceeds via Buy Me a Coffee go to Wave Library. You could also make donations (money, books, hardwares…) directly through WeChat, Tencent fundraising platform, Alipay and Taobao. For all methods, please visit here (Chinese).

    Follow the official account and visit the menu down at the chat window (支持微澜–>捐赠)

    To keep in touch / find out more info, you could visit the official website, follow us on Weibo or WeChat (Chinese).

    To know more about floating children, this article may help: The ‘floating children,’ adrift in China’s cities - Editorials & Commentary - International Herald Tribune by Yuen Yuen Ang (NY Times, 2006).


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